Tiomila srozumitelně?


23.4.2018 | 925x

Spolutvůrci anglického přenosu z nadcházející tiomily nás požádali o zprostředkování pozvánky na tuto magickou událost:

One of the world's biggest and toughest orienteering relay races in the world, Tiomila, is coming up outside of Stockholm, Sweden on April 28-29.

For the second year in a row, there will be live English language commentary available on the web for the entirety of the races, including the youth, women's, and men's relays: 21 hours of coverage in all! 

For 150SEK (~14 Euros), you can view the entire broadcast ( )and see some of the world's best orienteer all the way through the night and into the day. The English commentary team will consist of Boris Granovskiy of the USA and Graham Gristwood from Great Britain, who will provide commentary, analysis, and interviews with the runners all day and all night. 

Contact if you have any questions.